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Make Calls Now, Win Elections Tuesday. Here's How.


1. Click this link (instructions will be provided when you login): here

  • Login Info

  • Campaign ID: 10942

  • Pass code: 123456


If the above system is down, go to


OLD AS OF 11/6

Election day is THIS TUESDAY. With critical races in Virginia and New Jersey, America needs your help more than ever.

As I've mentioned before, these elections will determine the Governors who control redistricting in 2020. If we want anything but far-right Republicans writing laws, we MUST make States draw fair lines after the next census. And that means getting good Governors who can veto bad maps.

If you're not sufficiently worried about how biased the districts are, have a read of this Vox article. It explains how districts which solidify far-right thinking could keep Trump in office even if collusion is proven beyond a doubt.

Then make some calls!

The Goal

We're focusing on Virginia, where margins are razor thin. Take the #GOTVChallenge and make at least 25 calls day for a total of 100. The auto-dialer makes it easy to that in 30 minutes or less!

How to Call (Option 1)

We're calling Lean Democrat voters to confirm their support and remind them how important it is to vote. Knowing who's on our side, and who's planning to vote will save tremendous resources on Election Day.

1. Click this link (instructions will be provided when you login): here

  • Login Info (Tier 1 - do this list first):

  • Campaign ID: 10889

  • Pass Code: 123456

  • Login Info (Tier 2 - if Tier 1 is full):

  • Campaign ID:10875

  • Pass Code:123456

2. Use the Script to talk to people on the phone. You can use the one on your auto-dialer screen or you can open this: Script here


OLD AS OF 11/6

How to Call (Option 2)

If you don't want to call voters (or the system is full) call Voter Protection volunteers. We need to recruit enough people to watch the polls to ensure everyone who wants to vote, can.

1. Click this link: here

2. Make and ActionID (if you don't have one already)

3. Follow the instructions and Script that appear on the screen

*Heads up: Volunteers may ask you to email or text them information in the script.

If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to email

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