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Resolutions for the August 4th, 2020 State Committee Meeting

The next State Committee meeting is on August 4. We'll be voting on representation to the DNC as well as some very important rules changes and resolutions.

I'm incredibly happy to say that two items I authored will be on the agenda:

1. A huge reform to the Ethics process which:

  • Creates an Ethics process independent of the Chair. Currently Ethics claims are adjudicated by five hand picked representatives.

  • Adds language on sexual harassment, misconduct and discrimination, there is currently none.

  • Greatly expands those bound by the ethics rules, including members of the State Committee and the Party Executive Board members.

  • Requires an independent expert review of our Ethics rules/policies and sets a $10,000 budget.

The goal is to rectify three egregious issues quickly and have experts in sexual harassment, accountability and restorative justice tell us how we can continue to better build/reform our code of conduct.

Full text:

2. A resolution on the use of unidentified Federal officers.

Namely to support legal challenge to any use of unidentified Federal officers in New York State and to commit the Democratic Party to the position that local electeds should direct local law enforcement to investigate and halt illegal abductions by unidentified Federal officers.

While I don't necessarily think resolutions from the Party are deeply influential in such a Democratic States, on contentious issues where political impetus or cover is required, they can have a huge impact. Passing this resolution will send the message that Democrats will support leaders who take bold action to preserve our Constitutional freedoms, up to and including directly opposing Federal agents operating unlawfully.

Full text:

Both of these items have received enough support to be required on the agenda for our next State Committee meeting. I really want to thank all of the co-sponsors and all of the experts, attorneys and advocates who put a tremendous amount of time into reviewing the Ethics Rules.

If you support these measures, please find your Democratic State Committee member on and tell them to vote yes!


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