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To Those Yearning For Change This Election

Yesterday and today I've seen lots of posts which have eloquently defined the case against Donald Trump. These are critical arguments. This isn't one of those.

Last night I phone banked to Arizona, where trump is up 1%. I spoke to a very nice man who's voting third party. When I told him I was calling for Hillary, he said he didn't like either candidate, he's voting for an independent one, and then thanked me for my service in volunteering.

I was a Bernie Sanders delegate to the DNC. I understand the urge to vote third party. Or to not vote at all. But, to those considering that path, I would like to say: If you believe in this country, in it's capacity for a better future, you should vote for Hillary Clinton. Not for her sake, or the system's sake, but our own.

You've heard over and over the critical nature of this election. The struggle for the most aspirational dreams penned in the constitution - equality, democracy, and tolerance.

I understand that, for many, Hillary Clinton does not embody some, or any, of those ideals. But I think we can agree that Donald Trump is actively opposed to each one. With a Trump Presidency, we are so much less likely to see anything of what we want in the next 4, 8, 16 or 100 years.

There's such a need and desire for change. But voting Trump to tear it all down is self-defeating. Optimistically, the rebuilding of our democracy would be from the shattered fragments of our democratic ideals and decency against a resurgent, racist alt-right. And that's if Climate Change, or economic collapse, or war doesn't steal even our slimmest chances away.

For some, voting for Hillary may feel like a sacrifice. But, if you believe in the promise of democracy, that democracy sometimes asks for sacrifice. As they say in country music - "freedom isn't free."

Today, the mantle of leadership is on our friends in the battleground states. They are stuck with the critical choice of how our country goes and the intolerable need to compromise themselves in their own eyes.

Many of us are relying on them to make that sacrifice for us while we "vote our conscience." This is wrong. If we believe in solidarity, how can we think it is OK to abandon them in their labor? How can we expect them to do what we won't?

If we want a movement, if we want a revolution, if we want The People to lead; it's time to be leaders. The self-governance of our country means today, we are all President. And the President can't duck a decision - no matter how hard or unsavory.

Today, I'm voting the way I hope my fellow Americans in swing states will vote - for Hillary Clinton. I will share the sacrifice of electing an imperfect candidate with them. And then I will be there to share the sacrifices required to ensure that imperfect candidate makes a more perfect Union.

Here's where you can do that, too:

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