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Republican Convention Covers Up Racism With Flag Waving (Literally)

This isn't a blog about national politics; State Committee is a local position which represents Democratic voters to their own party.

Every so often, though, it is important to remember that who we elect represents our values and determines the culture of our party. I don't believe that all Republicans seek to cover up racism by waving the flag (the woman with the sign is likely a delegate if she's on the floor) but that's who was elected as delegates to the RNC.

While it's easy to point fingers at the Republicans, we should remember that here, in NY, several Democrats have recently been convicted of corruption and other terrible abuses of power.

As voters in the United States, we are tasked with the incredible undertaking of self-governance. It's not enough to elect "a Republican" or "a Democrat". We have to elect people who are good and just, and no one but us can that determination.

I'm happy to say that everyone running for State Committee in the 66th is a decent person. But, if you want to know what sort of attitude I will bring to the State Democratic Committee nominating process, it is this.

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