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What The Deuce Is State Committee?

2016 State Convention - photo credit, Ben Yee

Party Committees (Generally)

The Democratic Party (and all parties, really) are broken up into three levels, or Committees - National, State and County. And it's a little known fact that, at each level, registered Party Members (in this case Democrats) have elected representatives that help run the party.

Unlike public elected officials that run the government, Party officials are elected in primaries. So think about that - when you're mad at what a Party is doing and wondering why it can't get it's act together, you could join it an elect its leadership!

State Committee

Democratic State Committee members represent the Democrats in their district to the State Democratic Party. During their two year term, State Committee Members act as delegates at the annual State Party meetings and bi-annual Conventions.

The role of State Committee Members isn't grand, but it can be important. They have three main jobs:

1. Vote to endorse candidates for statewide office

If a candidate for Statewide office (Governor, Lt. Governor, Comptroller, Attorney General) is endorsed by the State Committee, he/she doesn't have to petition!

For those of you who aren't familiar with politics you're probably like "so what?". But don't worry, a later post will address the wonder and horror that is the petitioning process. One step at a time.

2. Elect At-Large delegates and Alternate Delegates to National Conventions

Remember the Bernie Sanders Nevada thing? That. Luckily, in NY, we spare ourselves a lot of trouble by apportioning all delegates by the percentages of the primary. The State Committee can only select who will physically cast those votes. In Nevada, the State Committee actually adds new delegates to one side or the other.

3. Write the Sate Party’s platform

What do Democrats actually believe? It's decided here. For example, during NY State's epic row over Hydrofracking, Rachel Levine, the current State Committeewomen for the 66th AD (mine), led an epic charge to add a fracking ban to party platform after the Governor (the nominal head of the Democratic Party) tried to table the issue.

Candidates who don't abide by the Party platform may run into trouble with earning the Party's endorsement (see 1).

4. Serve as liaison between the community and the Democratic Party/Elected officials.

Closer to home, State Committee Members are tasked with keeping the people in their districts apprised of what the Democratic Party is doing at the State level. District Leaders (bascially the State Committee Members of the County) do the same for the local Party.

State Committee Members also work with the local Democratic State representatives (Assembly and Senate) and are a way for citizens to move their issues up the political ladder.

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