• Ben Yee

Vote Like America Depends On It

Every four years we have the opportunity to choose the leaders of our Federal government. Less often, we have the opportunity reaffirm our commitment to our country's founding principles of equality, democracy and tolerance.

This election is the latter. In it, we are tasked with defending our beliefs against a candidate and campaign which have directly attacked the ideals of America in a way never seen before. Against a candidate who has no qualms distorting facts and ignoring the most basic freedoms penned in the Constitution.

Right now, each and every vote matters. I urge you to vote for Hillary Clinton. The self-governance of our country means today, we are all President. And the President can't duck a decision - no matter how tedious, or hard or unsavory.

It's time to find your polling location and vote.


© 2016 Ben Yee for State Committee

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