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Cuomo Announces Largest MTA Frills Budget Ever

Our Governor knows what New Yorkers need - fancy new cars!

That way when you're delayed because of unending track maintenance, track fires, switch problems, signal failures and general MTA underfunding, you'll have WIDE doors and a map to tell you where you're not going. At least, if your train arrives.

I thank Andrew Cuomo for his sudden interest in the largest MTA frills budget ever. However, the people of New York, and AD 66, need a MTA that works; not just looks good. The redesigned subways will hardly help those who rely on the downtown bus network - even if the stations are "easier to see" with the new awnings. And the redesigned buses won't do much to compensate for the transportation desert resulting from the cutting of downtown service along the middle of the island.

While the phone charging ports and Wi-Fi sound nice, the New York Magazine article makes it clear - this money is not for service improvement or (actually needed) infrastructure improvement.

For years, our Governor and State Legislature have raided the MTA regularly, failing to deliver on their funding obligations. Instead, they've left the bill to NYC taxpayers and commuters.

As State Committeeman, I will fight tooth and nail to ensure the Democratic Party knows what the MTA needs, and New Yorkers deserve: a regularly funded MTA which addresses service. Not a chronic deprivation with an occasional splurge on vanity projects.

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