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End of Summer BBQ

For the past year it has been my privilege to represent the 66th AD to the Democratic Party. In that time, I have introduced multiple resolutions to open NY's closed Democratic Party and push our elected leaders to take stances important to the voters of New York.

I have also spent many nights and weekends educating voters on civics, government and politics in my (Real) Politics 101 and Organizing 101 workshops. In addition, I've organized many voter engagement events inside and outside NYC with You Matter Nation - an organization I helped found after the 2016 Presidential Elections.

Next year, I'm up for re-election. If there is one thing I've learned from my time in politics it is to never take anything for granted and to prepare for elections in advance. Especially when lots of other important work.

So, please join me as I get a critical jump-start on 2018 and we celebrate the conclusion of the 2017 NYC Primary season.

Also, there will be food and drinks.

Saturday July, 9

Saturday July, 9

5pm - 8pm

The Home of Dave Pollak and Alejendra Elliot


Address Provided Upon RSVP

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